Yıldırım Geri Dönüşüm Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti  (THUNDER RECYCLE FOREIGN TRADE LIMITED COMPANY) has been in the business since 1993 in the textile sector.  The company started ıts business life with textile sector and then it develops ıts product portfolio to plastic, iron, paper, etc. It also continues it business life by selling and buyign of the recyclable products.

With our experience over 27 years, we aim nothing but maximum advantage for our customers with the help of our profesional employee portfolio. We consider; to reevaluate the waste products, to recycle the products and to give maximum advantage of working conditions as our main aims in the recycling process.

Our company gives its services with a staff that maintains the follow-up of the developing sector and carries continuous şnnovations within its structure at Turkey first and the all around the World.



Our vision is to become a global company which will be among the leading companies in recycling sector, developing continuously with the technological developments, producing products that decrease the global pollution, caring and giving values to its customers and taking care for their satisfaction and happiness.



Our firm which is responsible for not only ıts employees but also its suppliers and its environment, continues its development relentlessly thanks to its disciplined working power. This makes our company to have the identity one of the many leading companies in the recycling process in the international area.



The general aim of our companies are,  ıf we consider the first step of the recycling process is the service; being efficient at following the technological development, giving the best service we can provide to both of the companies that we buy and sell waste, provide benefit instead of harm.  It is also aimed to be a company which is called for these processes, is respected and wanted.



We contribute to our countries`economy  via recycling process and decreasing the amount of the wastes to protect the environment.

We carry our whole activities in a meticulous manner in order to prevent possible damages to the environment, human and other creatures.

Our environment management system is carried appropriate to the national and international rules and we manage all these activities in harmony with the other institutions and government institutions.