Plastic is a synthetic material made by disconnection of the simple molecular groups  such as carbon (C), Hydrogene (H), oxygen (O), nitrogen (N)  and other organic or inorganic materials, by transforming it into a long and chain structure called polymer.

Plastics does not form in the natüre but it is formed  by human ınteraction. The studies that are carried show that only %4 of the petroleum is used to make plastic.

Because the plastic materials have low density, being able to get the shape wanted  and being low cost features make this material one of the most demanded recycling material and this demand is growing higher. Plastic wastes are seperated by their types at first and the process is started after this stage. The plastic materials which are seperated by their type are cut into small pieces in the cutting machines. The companies can use these material either mixing them at defined proportions with raw materials or they can use them by melting them again and can use them as second class raw material.


Black LDPE

HDPE Granul

HDPE Waste

LDPE Film Waste

Naturel LDPE

olive LDPE

Pet Waste
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